Fatima of Sindh
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Fatima of Sindh

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 CHACHA Mohammed Ali Laghari

Fatima of Sindh is an ode, tribute to, and chronological account of the exuberant, inspirational, and decorated journey of his wife, Fatima, penned by the husband and author, CHACHA Mohammed ALI LAGHARI.
This literary offering chronicles Fatima's life as a mother, political activist for the people of Sindh, as well as an overall humanitarian and timeless polarizing figure to all she encountered. This book also proves to be educational in its' accounts of historical events in the province of Sindh. Enjoy CHACHA Mohammed ALI LAGHARI's masterfully crafted and love-filled written dedication to his wife, Fatima.

Publisher: Lightning Fast Book Publishing

Softcover: 162 Pages

Publication Date: March 18, 2022

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