Through Tragedy and Triumph
Hagir Elsheikh

Through Tragedy and Triumph

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Harir Elsheikh

From the heat and sands of Sudan to the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania, Hagir Elsheikh has travelled through life overcoming obstacles most would find insurmountable. Her autobiography will captivate you with details of her childhood in war-torn, poverty-stricken Sudan. You will hear about how social mores can inflict severe pain and suffering on female children – children already identified as second-class human beings in an Islamic society by virtue of their femininity. She takes us through her rebel teen years and many arrests and tortures that brought. Still in high school, her activism caused her to experience what happens in the infamous “Ghost Houses” of Sudan where brutality and murder are as common as the sand that permeates everything in that region. Forced to flee, we learn the path of a refugee is most difficult, dangerous, and challenging. Safety in America brings a euphoria that is all too soon dashed at the hands of an abusive spousal relationship. This amazing spokesperson for women everywhere has dedicated her life to her family, her business and an undaunted activism for the rights of women and all humanity – spousal abuse, female genital mutilation, equality for women and those suffering the atrocities of the vicious Islamic Dictatorship in the land of her birth – all are on her daily agenda. Join us as a sweet, precocious child begins her journey through the sands of life as she begins her quest to “Climb on the Clouds”. 

Independently Published

Softcover: 202 Pages

Publication Date: March 27, 2019



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