European Peacock Butterfly Brooch

European Peacock Butterfly Brooch

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Trovelore's line of handcrafted brooch pins are like little pieces of art. Featuring flora and fauna in brilliant colors, complex textures, and delicate forms, their designs are a homage to the endless beauty of the world. These timeless mementos make for wonderful markers in your journey of memories, a signature of your style.

Red wings with spectacular eyespots make this butterfly easily recognizable, especially to its enemies! Large in size and a strong flyer, the Peacock butterfly is a common visitor to European gardens in the late summer months.

This stunning embroidered butterfly brooch will warm up your coat on a cold and windy day. 

Based out of Delhi and Arizona, Trovelore founders (and sisters) Dhruti and Seema design handcrafted brooches that are little works of art. These miniature sculptures are handcrafted by dedicated artisans in their embroidery atelier in India.

  • cotton, felt, metal, sequins and beads
  • 3" x 1 3/4"

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