Origami Necklace
Origami Necklace

Origami Necklace

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Sensual and sophisticated, this adornment is inspired by the refinement of one of the oldest folk arts in Asia: dozens of small fans, subtly assembled to offer you the pleasure of a light and delicate Origami, like its paper counterpart But so much less ephemeral!

Designed by Elise & Mai.


  • Made of 80% of Bio Vegetal Oil
  • 100% recycled et recyclable packaging's
  • Ethical production

Refrain from applying perfume or perfume products directly on the jewelry.
Gently clean with mild soap (glycerin free) and water before first use & after contact with sea or pool water.
Refrain from marking jewelry with chemicals or ink that may cause discoloration.
Handle with care and refrain from pulling or stretching the material.
Store jewelry flat when not in use.
Keep out of reach of children.
Wear directly onto your skin for a “tattoo effect.”

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