I Am Affirmation Puzzle - Afro Woman
I Am Affirmation Puzzle - Afro Woman
I Am Affirmation Puzzle - Afro Woman
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I Am Affirmation Puzzle - Afro Woman

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Piece together the new you! Imagine this spirited piece of creativity on your vanity, fireplace, morning hub or meditation den! Yess queen! Carved into artistic perfection, this power-puzzle affirms who you are all day every day, transforming you piece by piece!

Just like the affirmative words set into the perfect afro, your transformation will be etched into your mind first and then flow into your everyday life. Want a way to empower a sister? Gift them this elegant puzzle and watch their growth bloom! Marked by beautiful wooden aesthetics, this one-of-a-kind puzzle adds timeless spice to your interior décor.

The difference between ‘try’ and ‘triumph’ is that extra umph. This affirmation puzzle is the extra umph. Are you ready for triumph? Say “I am”!

More to love:

  • Inspiring and confidence-boosting design.
  • Fun and easy to arrange.
  • Perfect for gifting. 
  • 8” square size.
  • Stand Included

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