Farm Rooster Brooch

Farm Rooster Brooch

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Trovelore's line of handcrafted brooch pins are like little pieces of art. Featuring flora and fauna in brilliant colors, complex textures, and delicate forms, their designs are a homage to the endless beauty of the world. These timeless mementos make for wonderful markers in your journey of memories, a signature of your style.

If outward appearances provide a glimpse into the future, hens surely know how to seek it, Simply look for a large red comb with tall points, evenly formed wattles, a long shiny colorful hackle and you have found the ideal mate! Known to protect their flock, even at the cost of their life, the Rooster   symbolizes pride, hope, resurrection and a safe future.

Material: Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered

Handmade in India.

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