Red Eyed Tree Frog Brooch
Red Eyed Tree Frog Brooch

Red Eyed Tree Frog Brooch

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Trovelore's stunning handmade brooches are as much tiny artworks as they are pieces of jewelry. Each pin is embroidered by hand with thread, sequins, beads, and wires to create lifelike textures. Their designs are inspired by flora and fauna found in nature, and draw on the brilliant and subtle colors and organic textures of the world all around us.

The red-eyed tree frog, known for its vibrant colors, hides its striking red eyes during the day, using them to startle predators at night. Their toe pads can support their weight, allowing them to cling to leaves. Interestingly, they communicate through a variety of calls, including high-pitched squeaks.

  • 2.7 × 2 inches (7 × 5 cm)
  • Cotton, felt, metal, sequins and beads
  • Packed in gift box with information
  • Hand embroidered in India by skilled artisans

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