Scorpion Fish Brooch
Scorpion Fish Brooch

Scorpion Fish Brooch

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Trovelore's stunning handmade brooches are as much tiny artworks as they are pieces of jewelry. Each pin is embroidered by hand with thread, sequins, beads, and wires to create lifelike textures. Their designs are inspired by flora and fauna found in nature, and draw on the brilliant and subtle colors and organic textures of the world all around us.

Scorpion Fish are like underwater chameleons, blending seamlessly into their coral homes with vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Armed with venomous spines, they're stealthy predators ruling the reef with silent majesty. Fascinating creatures, embodying both beauty and danger in the depths.

  • Dimensions:  3" x 1.6"
  • Materials: Sequins, beads, cotton, felt & metal.
  • Details: Each brooch has a soft felt backing and a single metal pin.  Presented in a simple gift box. Hand embroidered in small batches by artisans. 

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