Shapes of New York Silhouette
Shapes of New York Silhouette
Shapes of New York Silhouette
Shapes of New York Silhouette
Shapes of New York Silhouette
Shapes of New York Silhouette

Shapes of New York Silhouette

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The ultimate New York gift!

An interactive model to make your own Shape of your city, this item is perfect for people who want more than a static NY souvenir.

Trade merely decorative items of New York for a precise urban diorama of the city, in an interactive, fun to play format that can also be displayed as a sculpture.

With 7 acrylic building silhouettes displaying the most famous constructions in NYC, simply fit them in the lanes on the wood base to create 3D perspective of Manhattan at your taste and at full detail.

A great gift for architecture lovers as well as a piece of art for interior design, be it on shelfs, desks, rooms or offices (perfect for a break!), Shapes is something alive that strengthens your creative muscle. :

Pose it on paper and follow the outlines with a pen, easily drawing the city
Cast a light in front of the silhouettes and create urban shadows top of surfaces
Zoom in with a camera, go macro, change the scale of the diorama for great pictures of fantastic stories within New York.

The laser cut acrylic makes the outlines fully recognizable, and resistant so that you can experiment over and over again with them.

Shape New York with no boundaries. 


Dimensions (base):
Length: 39 cm // 15.3 in
Width: 8 cm // 3.1 in
Height: 0.9 cm // 0.35 in

Weight (whole product):
250 g approx. // 0.5 lb

certified elm wood, acrylic.

1 x wooden base with five lanes
7 x different sized acrylic building outlines

Handmade in Barcelona 

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